Centennial Park Master Plan


When a landmark park was due for an overhaul, Nashville turned to Wilmot to ensure it was done sustainably.


In 2008, Nashville’s Centennial Park Master Plan Committee was created to develop a long-range plan. This plan aimed to acknowledge the past history and future of the park simultaneously, respect the tradition of the park as a showcase for Nashville's culture, arts and history, and transform the park into a model of sustainable ecological practice and horticultural excellence.

Wilmot’s Role

As members of both the Master Plan and development teams, Wilmot led the effort to engage the community in the visioning of the park and wrote specifications that would allow Metro Parks to pursue SITES certification. Wilmot worked with the design and construction teams to source materials locally, guide the construction team on reclamation and recycling methods available, and document SITES compliance.


Metro Parks

Nashville, TN


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