Our History 



Tiffany Wilmot brought her experience in recycling and waste reduction to Nashville and founded Wilmot Inc. in 1994. Early on, Tiffany promoted cutting-edge recycling through articles in magazines such as Waste Age Magazine and Recycling Today. Following a lead generated from one article, Tiffany found herself at Saturn’s Tennessee plant for an interview with John Munn, who was in charge of recycling and source reduction. At the time, Saturn required waste to be reduced every year, pushing John to find innovative solutions for company recycling efforts.

Tiffany asked John questions about what, where and how various materials were being recycled, which led to an in-depth discussion regarding how Saturn could improve. The meeting eventually led to Wilmot being awarded its first large waste reduction project. The relationship with Saturn blossomed into a number of contracts, totaling 19 recycling projects and $3M in recycled materials. 

In 1996, when the Titan’s Stadium was in the planning stage, Julie Mosely was appointed to the Solid Waste Board by Mayor Bredesen and approached Tiffany to ask Wilmot to manage the stadium's construction debris recycling. At the time, construction/demolition recycling was a new practice and a big deal. Julie convinced Mayor Bredesen to hire Wilmot and Bredesen gave the firm three goals: break even on costs, don’t get in the way, and don’t delay the schedule. Wilmot not only broke even, but ended up saving the city $500,000 while managing what at that time was the largest recycling program in the world.

Following this huge success, Wilmot continued to grow its recycling and waste reduction business, taking on contracts with large institutions and corporations such as Fort Campbell, Coors Corporation and Mitsubishi. One of Tiffany's most memorable moments occurred during a facility walk through with Mr. Coors, owner and founder of Coors Corporation. Coors motioned towards a dumpster and said, "So what you're saying is, this is where my lost profits are?” As with Coors, Wilmot designs custom solutions to help businesses and institutions use resources more wisely and work more efficiently. 

In 2002, Wilmot was brought onto the team to manage construction recycling for the David. L. Lawrence Center in Pittsburg. It was here that the team first worked on a Green Building certification.  With Wilmot’s help, the convention center became the first in the world to achieve LEED Gold certification. This work led to Wilmot's management of multiple LEED projects throughout the country and abroad. Wilmot’s full-service Green Building consulting helped clients reduce their environmental impact, save money and increase productivity.

While Wilmot continues to offer waste prevention and green building services, in recent years the team has expanded into new areas in sustainability consulting including civil and environmental engineering support, economic analysis and strategic planning, and solar design and support services. With every project, Wilmot strives to save clients’ money and time by using resources more efficiently and helping organizations make long-term business decisions. Wilmot's goal is to simultaneously improve efficiency and increase profit with customized creative solutions.

As a leader in the field of Sustainability in Nashville, Tiffany was 1 of 27 Nashville citizen-leaders selected to serve on Mayor Karl Dean’s Green Ribbon Committee, leading the Green Building & Energy Subcommittee, and was selected to serve on Mayor Meghan Barry’s Livable Nashville Committee. Tiffany was most recently named one of Nashville's 100 Leading Women in 2018 by NashvilleBusiness.net.