I-440 Greenway Benefit-Cost Analysis


Wilmot’s benefit-cost analysis for the I-440 Phase One TIGER Grant application identified over $300M in community benefits from a $40M investment in a greenway expansion.  


In 2018, Metro Nashville’s Planning Department and Greenways for Nashville began expanding the existing greenway network along the I-440 corridor. The Greenway will stretch 7 miles long along I-440 upon completion. To help finance the construction, the Planning Department and Greenways applied for a USDOT TIGER Grant, now known as a BUILD Grant.

Wilmot’s Role

Wilmot completed the benefit-cost analysis (BCA) portion of the TIGER grant application. Using BCA methodology, Wilmot modeled the value of community benefits from the expansion. Wilmot evaluated several factors including:

  • Number of new users,

  • Time savings,

  • Increased mobility,

  • Improved safety,

  • Reduced road congestion,

  • Improved health to users from activity,

  • Reduced absenteeism, and

  • Recreational value.

The analysis revealed over $300M in benefits and a benefit-cost ratio of nearly 8:1. The analysis also received the TIGER grant’s highest score value in the review process.


  • Benefit-cost ratio of 8:1

  • $300M in benefits

  • Attained TIGER’s highest review score for economic analysis


Metro Planning Department
Metro Parks Department
Greenways for Nashville

Nashville, TN


  • Municipal

Project Type

  • Greenway


  • Triple bottom line cost benefit analysis