LEED Facilitation for Chattanooga Housing Authority


Wilmot provided third-party LEED certification for Chattanooga Housing Authority, improving the quality of the city’s affordable housing and preventing significant design problems in the process.


The Chattanooga Housing Authority initiated two LEED-for-Homes projects to replace dilapidated multi-family housing developments in the city. While the first project received an incentive grant, the second project was developed by a for-profit affordable housing developer with no incentive funding. Wilmot’s proposal was chosen to facilitate LEED certification of the second project, Maple Hills Apartments, and was ultimately able to achieve Gold certification.

Wilmot’s Role

Wilmot led an integrated project team through a design charrette and identified that LEED Silver certification was achievable for the project. Wilmot was later asked to identify measures to reach Gold certification, which was achieved while still coming in under the initial budget. The Wilmot team made a critical contribution by discovering a significant design flaw that would have caused premature equipment failure, wasted energy, and negative impact on resident health. Identification and correction of the error not only prevented ongoing equipment performance issues and complaints, but also saved the project 80% of Wilmot’s fee in the form of reduced construction costs. The error would have also cost the development millions of kilowatt hours in wasted energy and costly equipment repairs over the project’s lifetime.


  • LEED Gold certification

  • Savings from energy efficiency



Chattanooga Housing Authority

Chattanooga, TN


  • Real Estate


  • LEED facilitation