Community Health Systems Solar Assessment


CHS sought advice on solar installations. They were looking for an analysis considering production, siting, financing and long-term impacts. Wilmot’s expertise in the solar industry enabled CHS to make their choice with confidence.  


Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS) is one of the nation’s leading operators of general acute care hospitals. Its affiliates own, operate or lease 110 hospital in 19 states. When CHS wanted to install solar arrays across various properties, Wilmot was tasked with analyzing the feasibility and impact of implementing renewables

Wilmot’s Role

Wilmot was asked to perform an analysis to evaluate the business case for an installation of 7.2 MW of solar panels on four individual CHS hospital properties in South Carolina. The analysis identified various areas of consideration including system production, siting and financing concerns. In analyzing siting considerations, Wilmot compared rooftop, ground mount, and carport mounted installation sites. Wilmot also identified potential impacts that siting solar on particular properties would have on the tree canopy of the hospital campuses. Wilmot also considered financing structure and identified state/federal incentives to help finance the project.



Community Health Systems

South Carolina


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