Community Health Systems Sustainability Report


Community Health Systems hired Wilmot to develop an in-depth sustainability report in 2018 that would uncover many sustainability projects that were already going on at CHS and challenge them to expand to the company’s sustainability goals.


In 2017, Community Health Systems (CHS) set a series of sustainability goals including increasing materials recycling, reducing emissions, and increasing energy efficiency. To measure progress, Wilmot created a comprehensive report that set benchmarks in each category and allowed CHS to gauge improvement.

Wilmot’s Role

Combining interviews, surveys and research, Wilmot working with CHS team members  to build a comprehensive understanding of company sustainability goals and current progress. Measures included items such as:

  • Preventative maintenance,

  • Efficient lighting and appliances, and

  • Environmentally-friendly materials.

Wilmot gave CHS a clear outline of performance and a set of pathways for improvement through measurement of waste, water and energy streams, while working with procurement to select improved purchasing options.



Community Health Systems

Nashville, TN


  • Healthcare


  • Materials management planning

  • Green team education