Nashville Metro Water Solar Installations


Nationally, water utilities typically use 30-40% of a city’s energy budget. Wilmot is decreasing that number in Nashville with solar installations at three facilities.


Nashville Metro Water Services (MWS) has embarked on an Energy Management Program that is reducing energy across both the water and wastewater system. This comprehensive program evaluated all of the 200+ facilities owned by MWS and looked at ways to both reduce and produce energy.

Wilmot’s Role

Wilmot performed an analysis  of all MWS facilities to determine the best locations for solar arrays. Our team provided MWS with a comprehensive feasibility study that incorporated the costs and benefits of onsite solar installations. With the full consideration of capital costs and energy savings, Wilmot was able to create a bid package that includes solar arrays at thee facilities. Our innovative behind-the-meter, third-party ownership model is projected to save rate payers $6M over 20 years.


Nashville Metro Water Services

Nashville, TN


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