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Wilmot helped make Nashville’s first community solar project a reality, providing access to solar energy for Nashville Electric Service rate payers.


Nashville’s first community solar project provides access to clean, renewable energy for all NES rate payers.The 2MW project, sited on a closed landfill, provides customers with a subscription to and credit from panels at the 2MW site. Community solar also improves access to renewable energy for low- and moderate-income residents through the Solar Angels program, in which a tax-deductible donation can be made to assist low-income customers. Music City Solar aligns with Nashville’s commitment to sustainability through the goals of Livable Nashville.

Wilmot Role

Wilmot guided NES through the process of selecting location, developing the project, assessing vendors, and submitting a solar energy application to TVA’s Distributed Solar Solutions Program. Wilmot also created financial and community solar business models to provide NES with clear guidelines for operation and a vision for the future. Social equity was considered in the project by incorporating the Solar Angels program. Wilmot led a team effort, with partners including TDEC, local council members, Metro Public Works, NES, TVA, the Mayor’s Office, the Livable Nashville committee, and a local public relations firm. Construction of the solar farm was completed in 2019, allowing for the beneficial reuse of a brownfield site north of Nashville that was formerly used as a landfill.


  • Beneficial reuse of a closed landfill

  • Provides access to solar energy for all NES ratepayers

  • Over $4M in social and environmental benefits


Nashville Electric Service

Nashville, TN


  • Energy / Renewables


  • Feasibility study

  • Site selection

  • Financial modeling

  • Preliminary design

  • RFP writing