The Peabody Hotel




The Peabody Hotel, world famous for its daily parade of ducks through the lobby, has preserved much of its charm. Its historical landmark status emphasizes the hotel’s reputation as an anchor for downtown Memphis. Wanting to avoid any risk to its five-star status, the property management team faced considerable challenges in upgrading the 90-year old equipment and infrastructure to meet the demands of today’s travelers. Wilmot’s team of energy experts found original fuses, an electrical service at capacity, underutilized equipment, and pressure imbalances strong enough to break glass doors.


Wilmot’s team assessed efficiency opportunities in LED lighting, building controls, and equipment commissioning that would avoid costly upgrades and drastically reduce operations labor and equipment cost. Wilmot estimated that the lighting improvements alone would save $182,000 annually with a simple payback of 2.3 years. The proposal included custom LED lamps that Wilmot’s suppliers would invent, and then manufacture, to preserve the hotel’s historic property status.

Wilmot’s team wrote a grant application seeking funding from both TVA and TDEC to fund over 50% of the renovations to achieve an expected annual energy savings of $300,000.  Additional maintenance savings would be achieved from the 90% reduction in required lamp changes estimated for LED compared to incandescent lamps.