Clean Water Nashville


Metro Water Services (MWS) provides water and wastewater services to over 177,000 accounts in the greater Nashville, TN area.  In March 2009, MWS entered into a consent decree with federal and state agencies to clean up Nashville’s waterways by limiting or eliminating the flow of sewage into the Cumberland River and the tributaries that feed it.  Clean Water Nashville officially kicked off in 2012 as a program of over 70 projects to be completed over 11 years at a cost of over $1.1B to bring MWS’s operations into compliance with the federal Clean Water Act of 1972.  Wilmot Inc. was hired to develop sustainable approaches for this program.


Wilmot was asked to contribute to the sustainable design standards and to develop the sustainable construction standards.  Borrowing from other successful certification programs, Wilmot advocated for an additional, flexible set of sustainability targets that would be pursued on each project.  The objective was for MWS to experiment and demonstrate success with design and construction standards that they could then expect private developers to follow in the future.  Low Impact Development and other green infrastructure measures were among the standards.  Wilmot also conducted a feasibility study for the profitable recycling and reuse of construction materials and is developing a pilot to test the potential for a program-wide recycling program over the next 11 years.  Finally, Wilmot is currently inspecting sites to verify compliance with the standards.