Nashville Electric Service

In 2009, NES celebrated 70 years of providing power to the Nashville, Tennessee area. As part of the company’s commitment to the community, NES has made innovative energy plans and energy conservation one of its priorities.


With power expenditures in 2009 exceeding $900 million dollars, NES is exploring efficiency as an alternative to increased capacity, especially at times of peak consumption when power cost is highest. The company’s efforts include green initiatives in the community as well as internal initiatives. NES asked Wilmot to lead an effort to “green” its buildings and operations.

Wilmot identified best practices in NES building operations using the LEED rating system and seeks to expand those methods to all of the company’s office and field operations. Wilmot helped NES form a “green” team of leaders across company departments.

Wilmot educated the NES team in:
• Water Use
• Land Use
• Energy Stewardship
• Waste Generation
• Indoor Environment
• Green House Gases

Together, Wilmot and NES developed a prioritized list of goals and action items and a timeline for implementation.