LP Field – Titans Stadium



The Wilmot team was brought in to work with the project’s contractor, the Tennessee Stadium Group, at project commencement and remained through final clean up.  The construction of the new stadium took place at a time when C&D recycling was in its infancy, requiring all recycling plans and site protocols to be created from scratch.


Wilmot created a C&D debris reuse, recycling and disposal program that impacted all 850 members of the on-site crew.  Wilmot saved the project approximately $500,000 through efficient waste handling methods and managed a $1 million dollar waste stream. Stadium construction took place over a 2.5-year period and reclaimed and reused more material than any other U.S project built before it.

One of Wilmot’s strengths is creating programs that not only incorporate best practices, but also encourage employee “buy-in.” The key to success is the concept that program gains contribute to the success of the team and the sustainability of the community.