Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting – Balfour Beatty/U.S. Armed Services


The U.S. Armed Services contract with property managers around the world to manage the daily operations of their facilities. When performing an internal review of their greenhouse gas emissions, Balfour Beatty realized they had no reliable energy use data for the hundreds of U.S. military facilities they managed.  Facing an ISO 14065 audit by KPMG, they turned to Wilmot, Inc. for help.


Wilmot analyzed Balfour Beatty’s portfolio to estimate annual energy usage and opportunities for improvements in their reporting process. Wilmot consolidated climate, usage, and building characteristics while vetting multiple Department of Energy data sources to develop the most appropriate estimation protocol. Wilmot’s engineering analysis of the portfolio, rationalization and use of additional variables and comparison to selected actuals were complimented by Balfour Beatty as the only bright spot in their ISO audit.