Fort Campbell Army Base

Fort Campbell covers over 105,000 acres, straddling the Northern border between Tennessee and Kentucky. The fort supports the 3rd largest military population in the Army and has major logistics needs for new and existing buildings.


Prior to Wilmot Inc.’s involvement, all of Fort Campbell’s C&D waste was co-mingled and sent to area landfills. The Wilmot team was recruited to manage C&D waste from the construction of 300 new barracks and design a waste diversion program for the base.

Wilmot Inc:

  • Located markets for materials
  • Developed a full-cost accounting model
  • Created protocols for base contractors guiding cost effective material sorting
  • Wrote mandatory 40% recycling specifications
  • Developed custom tailored materials handling recommendations
  • Performed a technical review of the base Installation Design Guide

Ft. Campbell now has a state of the art recycling program. Using information from the barracks project Wilmot created a Contractor Training Program. The mandatory program includes an 80-page Contractors’ Tool Kit, a market directory, and a Training Video that teaches contractors how to sort debris to make them a valuable resource rather than simply waste bound for landfills.