Energy Management Program – Nashville MWS

Energy Management Program


Nashville Metro Water Services (MWS) has implemented an Energy Management Program to supplement and build upon the energy savings gains made over the past 10 plus years at the three wastewater treatment plants and two water treatment plants operated by MWS. One of the notable past achievements include energy savings realized by the fine bubble aeration system at the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant installed in 2007. Miscellaneous other general upgrades have resulted in savings from energy efficient lighting and HVAC upgrades.


Four years into this project MWS has realized over $1,000,000 in energy savings as a result of their efforts.  Planned projects are expected to result in approximately $1,000,000 in additional year over year savings. Some of these planned projects include:

  • A combined heat and power engine to generate electricity using biogas at Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant;
  • Energy efficient fine bubble aeration system at White’s Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant;
  • Multiple improvements at Central Biosolids Facility to improve capture and use of biogas to power plant processes.