Old Dominion Freight Lines



Old Dominion Freight Lines is a leading U.S. logistics provider. Old Dominion’s first Director of Sustainability quickly realized she had little reliable information about how the company used resources. Old Dominion was also underwhelmed by the negligible impact of their first step towards sustainability, a solar array on its headquarters building. Meanwhile, they had no idea how much energy they were using, nor did they know of the much larger efficiency opportunities in their nationwide portfolio of distributions centers. Wilmot was hired to benchmark facility energy use and provide a roadmap for affordable sustainable operations.


Wilmot developed, tested, and rolled out a company-wide protocol to collect structural and energy usage information. Profiles were created and energy usage was loaded into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager for 150 facilities. The facility data allowed the project team to choose the best candidate sites for more comprehensive site audits, detailed energy studies, and recommendations. Daylighting and lighting retrofits are anticipated nationwide. Solar installations are anticipated through a rooftop-leasing program in states where incentives support a profitable business model for lessor and lessee.