Centennial Park Nashville

Originally set aside for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition, the 132 acre site situated close to downtown is Nashville’s premier city park. In 2010, the city started plans to transform the park into a model for sustainable ecological practice.

In 2008 the Centennial Park Master Plan Committee was created and charged by Mayor Karl Dean with revitalizing the city park. The Committee mission is: to create a long range plan that acknowledges past and future simultaneously, respecting the tradition of Centennial Park as a showcase for Nashville’s culture, arts and history, while transforming the park into a model of sustainable ecological practice and horticultural excellence.

The Wilmot team led the effort to gain public input and support for the park’s new master plan. Suggestions found in the master plan draft include a new amphitheater with a direct view of the Tennessee State Capitol building, a reflecting pool west of the Parthenon, a winter garden equipped to grow vegetation indoors, a vibrant show of cherry blossoms to the Parthenon’s northeast, new grass on the park’s main lawn designed to remain sturdy during events with heavy traffic, and perhaps even a “land bridge” over 31st Avenue that would unite two of Metro’s dog parks with Centennial Park.