Multifamily/Mixed Use Projects

Street view


Multifamily projects increase utilization of land and infrastructure.  Increased density enables an area to manage its growth while preserving its parks, open space, and native habitat. Centrally located projects put more people closer to utilities, streets, sidewalks, and public transit.  Mixed-use projects amplify these benefits by combining places to live, work, and play with efficient use of common areas and parking.


Wilmot facilitates the design and verification of green building measures more affordably by spreading fees over more units.  Wilmot has proposed strategies to maximize developers’ investment and community’s benefit such as:

  • “All ages & abilities” universal design to keep units full regardless of economy
  • Shared parking & ride-sharing for better garage utilization
  • Design for Adaptive Reuse: converting today’s garage into tomorrow’s housing

Multifamily Projects:

  • 5th & Main, Nashville, TN
  • Maple Hills Apartments, Chattanooga, TN
  • Terra House, Nashville, TN
  • River House, Nashville, TN
  • Harpeth Square, Franklin, TN