Projects & Services

At Wilmot, we believe that every decision today has important payoffs for the future. Let us help you improve your building efficiency and workplace profitability.

LEED & Green Building

  • LEED coordination for new construction, existing buildings, and homes
  • Erosion Prevention and Sedimentation Control (EPSC) inspections
  • Assessments – energy, water, or materials and waste for your commercial or residential building

Engineering Support

  • Provide sustainable engineering support
  • Coordinate Envision™ certification for infrastructure projects
  • Review designs and strategies for best sustainability practices

Business Case for Green

  • Corporate green team development and training
  • Marketing your sustainability strategy
  • Identify financial incentives for your green strategy

Waste Prevention & Recycling

  • Materials assessments and waste prevention programs
  • Recycling programs (commercial, or construction and demolition)
  • Purchasing recommendations for recycled and sustainable products