Mayor’s Workplace Challenge Gold Awards!

Mayor's Workplace Challenge Gold Award

Mayor’s Workplace Challenge Gold Award

Wilmot Inc. is honored to have received Mayor’s Workplace Challenge Gold Awards! We work daily to walk-the-talk in our sustainability business, and it is good to receive recognition for our achievements, for ourselves and our clients!

From the Mayor’s Office:

Congratulations for achieving Gold in the Involved, Healthy and Green areas of the Mayor’s Workplace Challenge 2013. Because of your leadership, you encourage and foster an environment that promotes a more active and healthy workplace; and therefore, are considered a local well-being advocate.

Thank you again for making Nashville’s quality of life a priority. We appreciate the work you are doing as workplace champions to make your workplace better for your employees, your clients and our community. Together, we are advancing the city’s efforts to move Nashville toward a greener, healthier and more involved future.

Laurel Creech
Mayor’s Office