The Nashville Business Journal named Tiffany Wilmot as one of the Powerful Women in Nashville. The award included a strategic forum for women business owners and advice from Wilmot on how to amplify: social, environmental and ethical concerns to produce a highly successful business.


On balancing work and home life

The main challenge was not at work. That seemed easy to me. It was being able to balance my home life. Taking care of a family, house,


pets, food, errands, is the rough part. It’s important to have a partner who shares your dream and supports what you’re trying to do in business. The only way I’ve been able to “do it all.” has been NOT to do it all. I get help with the things I’m not good at or don’t like to do: email, cooking, and running errands. One thing I hardly ever farm out is doing things with my kids. I used to hire babysitters and get them to go to Target and the grocery store while I stayed home and played with the kids.

On mentoring

I mentor many people. I believe the adage that you should teach what you need to learn most. The mentoring started as students, friends, people making a life change who want to do something worthwhile. Many people who come to ask for advice are starting their second career. My advice is that your life’s work has to have 3 prongs or you won’t be happy: you work needs to make money, you need to have fun, and it needs to make the world a better place. Otherwise, don’t do it.

The mentoring helped me crystallize why I do what I do. I’ve learned so much from the people I have the honor of mentoring. I often give them some of my favorite books like, IshmaelThe Ecology of Commerce and The Four Agreements. Their responses to the books help me help them. Mentoring has also expanded our business, because we had so many people coming to ask for guidance that now we do training and education as one of our main service offerings.

Advice to share

1. Seek Balance – cross train

2. Seek knowledge – Read, be ahead of your competition

3. Seek improvement – Never stop learning and making things better

4. Seek a partner who supports you

5. Seek something you like about everyone – it makes your day more fun

6. Seek self knowledge – know employees, let them fill in your holes – love them

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