Tiffany led the Green Building & Energy Subcommittee on Mayor’s Green Ribbon Committee

On June 9, 2008, Mayor Karl Dean signed Executive Order establishing the Green Ribbon Committee on Environmental Sustainability. The Executive Order contains specific language regarding  public input, stating that the Green Ribbon Committee should “draw upon the reports of recognized  experts in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability and gather input from the public through public meetings.

The Green Ribbon Committee (GRC) consists of four subcommittees, including Natural Resources, Mobility, Education & Outreach, and Energy & Building that are composed of individuals who have a broad range of experience and background in areas related to environmental sustainability. Each  subcommittee is responsible for assessing the data collected from the public workshops in order to  assist in developing a list of suggestions to submit to Mayor Dean.

The Education & Outreach Subcommittee developed the following report to present the results of the  public meetings to Mayor Dean, the overall Green Ribbon Committee, and the general public.

Tiffany led the Green Building & Energy Subcommittee along with Nashville Electric Service CEO, DeCosta Jenkins.