Highlighted Product: Sustainable Drywall Tape

Developers of sustainable products have been extremely innovative to help fill growing industry demand. One of our favorite new products is not only sustainable, it also completely changes the amortization schedule for construction, providing a huge tax advantage. Take for example a $50M building, the owner would be able to depreciate $13M over 5 years rather than the normal 39 year depreciation schedule.

Historically, drywall in a building is viewed by the IRS as part of the structure of a building, erected with the traditional characteristics of stability and permanence.  Drywall partitions are attached until demolished and bound for a landfill. Until now….

Fiber mesh drywall tape allows for “temporary” walls, decreasing construction amortization from 39  to 5 years. The accelerated depreciation of the entire wall system includes not only the drywall and studs, but also insulation, paint, electrical, labor, overhead, and finishes.

The fiber mesh drywall tape, is an award winning innovation designed to alter the “build and destroy” process. It is challenging the status quo with a self-adhesive drywall concept that allows a building owner to reconfigure usable space without ripping interior walls out and forcing in all new materials.

For commercial/office buildings and government offices,the drywall tape is providing architects and interiors contractors a 21st Century alternative to traditional drywall use, as well as to the increasingly popular wall-systems concept, resulting in cost effective flexible interiors.

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